Blue Cherries – by Nate Duke

One of my favorites.

The Blue Hour

Blue Cherries


My long legs render difficult
bicycle rides to class.
I spent the nineties
convinced I’d sit on the floor forever,
professional architect of colored bricks.
I carry separate thermoses for tea and coffee.
No one ever told me the rivers of Darien
I walked and mapped
were in fact open channel storm drains.
I maintain a perfect ratio of shoes to occasions.
My friends and I used small plastic people as currency.
I wear different shirts for blondes and brunettes.
The toys are too complicated now.
There is a red tie with blue cherries.
I wear it often it
lukewarm conversations.

Nate Duke is an English undergraduate at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He likes to go kayaking and writes poetry and short fiction.

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